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The Coolant Level Sensor from CARTEK offers drivers an early warning system should their engine cooling system develop a leak, whether it be from a punctured radiator, loose hose or gasket failure, before overheating and engine damage occurs. The Coolant Level Sensor from consists of an aluminium sensor tube which is simply fitted in-line with the engine’s upper radiator hose. An Alarm signal will output from the Sensors 3 pin plug when the Coolant Level starts to drop. There is also an LED warning status on the sensor itself to alert pit crew when they are working inside the engine bay.


  • Fully integrated unit – microprocessor controlled.
  • Available in 4 different sizes (19/26/32/38mm).
  • Detects air in coolant system before temperature rise.
  • Alarm signal output that can be wired into dashboard LED, ECU or datalogger.
  • Now with built in temperature sensor (same output as Bosche OEM temperature sensor)
  • LED status indication on sensor.
  • Comes with 2m cable and hose clamps.

How it Works

The CARTEK Coolant Level Sensor should be fitted at the highest point of the engine cooling system which is usually the top radiator hose. When the coolant system is fully filled with water the Green Status LED on the sensor will illuminate and the Alarm Output Signal will be open-circuit. If air is detected in the coolant system continuously for more than 3 seconds the Red Status LED will illuminate and the Alarm Output Signal will activate by switching from open-circuit to grounded signal. This signal can be used to illuminate a 12v LED or used as an alarm input to a dashboard display or data logger.



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