CARTEK Gear Indicator (OBD2)

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The GEAR INDICATOR from CARTEK is a dashboard mounted device that is designed to indicate to a driver the current selected transmission gear but also incorporates a sequential shift-light display which can indicate to a driver the optimum time to shift up a gear. The selected gear is indicated by a large, multi-coloured, 7 segment numerical display while the shift-light function is displayed at the upper part of the unit by 8 multi-coloured LEDs. These 8 LEDs form a display sequence that will commence at an engine speed prior to optimum and complete at precisely the optimum speed thereby giving the driver early indication to shift up before the rev limiter is reached or engine damage occurs.


  • Configure the lower and upper RPM settings with or without the engine running. Engine only needs to be revved to 50% of max RPM if setting up with engine running, or manually input RPM values using Push Button at rear of Gear Indicator.

  • Plug directly into the OBD2 Port - no additional wiring necessary. Gear Indicator (OBD2) receives Engine Speed and Road Speed data only.

  • Displays Gear Number by calculating the ratio between Engine Speed and Road Speed (after completing Gear Learn process).

  • Goes into standby mode when it detects the engine is off - therefore minimizes battery consumption when left plugged in.

  • Select from 6 LED display patterns for the Shift Light sequence and 7 Gear Indicator Digit Colours

  • Configure day and night brightness of the LEDs

  • Fully sealed for open-cockpit cars and motorcycles.


CARTEK Gear Indicator (OBD2)


CARTEK Gear Indicator (OBD2)


The Gear Indicator (OBD2) will work on a wide range of cars equipped with an OBD2 Port. To check your car is compatible make sure your OBD port works of one of these OBD2 Protocols:

  • SAE J1850-PWM
  • SAE J1939
  • ISO 9141
  • ISO 14230
  • ISO 15765-4

Please note the Gear Indicator OBD2 is not compatible with OBD splitters and should be the only device plugged into the OBD port. It cannot be hardwired to the vehicle network.


The Gear Indicator unit should be mounted securely on the dashboard where the display can be clearly seen by the driver. Mounting can be by two M3 screws from the underside or two M3 screws from the rear of the unit.

CARTEK Gear Indicator (OBD2)


Size: Height 62mm, Width 50mm, Depth 23mm
Weight: 70g
Operational Voltage: 7v - 18v
Operating Temperature: -10 -+85 degrees C
Storage temperature: -40°C - +125°C
Enclosure: PA 2200 Nylon fully potted. IP64 rated
Cable Length: 150cm
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